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Hanthercraft's Latest Tandra Releases

(C) 2022 Hanthercraft Publications

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Fifty years of the Greatest Science Fiction Fantasy Saga starts Here!

Get to Know Us

Welcome to Hanthercraft. What began in 1972 with a canvas and a paint brush turned into a fifty year long epic Science Fiction and Fantasy Saga. The world of Tandra is vast and engrossing, originally created, written and illustrated by Christopher L. Hanther; A.K.A. James P. Petty

James passed away in December of 2021 after creating and perfecting his art and story for a lifetime, publishing over forty-five graphic novels, and then taking his story online into the digital frontier. During his lifetime, Tandra only achieved a modicum of success and acclaim.

The property is now owned by a close family member who is determined to breathe new life into the story and the art of Tandra. This is a fantastic tale of heroes and villains, wizards and women. This is a space opera of epic proportions. Welcome to Tandra. You will never want to leave.

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